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Frequently Asked Questions
Dr. Bernie Lalonde

MD, Diploma in Sports Medicine

Eleanor Cox

Bachelor in Physiotherapy

Dr. Lalonde has been involved with sports medicine since the early 70's. Indeed he started the Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic originally at the OAC, then moved it to Carling Ave.


Dr. Lalonde runs a focused practise sports and medicine clinic several days a week at SSIC. You can phone to make an appointment as no referral is required.

After graduating from the U of O with an M.D. degree, he pursued a career in coaching with the National Alpine Ski team for 6 years before returning to the full time practice of sports medicine. He managed to become national team coach with Whitewater Canada working with the kayak and canoe team at the Barcelona Olympics. His Olympic experience has seen him at 9 Olympic Games either as Physician or coach. He completed the Diploma in Sport Medicine the first year it was offered in '89 and has been actively involved with that organization ever since. He was a member of the exam committee for 13 years and was its chair in the early 90's.


Dr. Lalonde continues to be involved with teaching medical students and residents. His passions in sport are tennis, cycling, x-country and alpine skiing, kayaking, training and anything else that comes along.

Eleanor Cox, Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic owner, was educated in Scotland and has been in active practice for over 30 years. Her work included four years in Africa as a volunteer with CUSO.

She has an extensive training in Orthopedic and Sports Medicine and is recognized as an expert in the treatment of spinal problems.
Eleanor enjoys the outdoors, a wide variety of sports and her animals.

Q: Do patients require a doctor's referral for physiotherapy?

A: No. The SSIC is a primary care practitioner and does not require a referral. However, medical insurers may request one.


Q: How can a potential patient access the services of a sports medicine doctor?

A: Contact SSIC at 613-729-8098 for an appointment with Dr. Bernie Lalonde.


Q: Are all of the SSIC practitioners accredited?

A: Yes, each of our therapists is licensed and registered through their College.


Q: Are the services offered by SSIC covered by OHIP?

A:Yes, visits to Dr. Lalonde are OHIP covered.  Although visits to Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists are not covered by OHIP, they are covered by many public and private insurance plans.


Q: Will SSIC charge a fee for canceled appointments?

A: There is no cancellation fee if SSIC is advised 24 hours in advance of a scheduled appointment.  For other missed appointments a $10.00 fee will apply.

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