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Medical Services...


The combined expertise of our team of medical professionals working together guarantees that clients receive the highest standard of care. 



Each physiotherapist working at the Sports and Spinal Injury Clinic is an experienced professional who has specialized in the treatment of musculo-skeletal injuries.


Each of our Physios is thoroughly qualified in


  • Diagnostics 

  • Treatment program design and delivery

  • Education for self management and injury avoidance


All therapists have post-graduate training in Sports Medicine and the McKenzie Approach to the treatment of spinal problems.


We specialize in the care of:


  • Sudden or recurring back pain.

  • Sudden or recurring neck pain.

  • Tendonitis, sprains and strains...

  • associated with active lifestyles and repetitive use occupations (eg, musicians, computer users, gardeners...)


All of our therapists actively participate in a number of sports and have a sound understanding of the bio-mechanics of their preferred activities.  They continue to train and educate themselves in order to provide better service.

These are among the activities that we understand and participate in: running, biking, golfing, canoeing, kayaking, equestrian pursuits, piano, baseball, soccer, hiking, swimming, hockey, skiing and curling. As much as we know how to treat injuries incurred from Luge, Skeleton or Bobsleighing, we are actually too chicken to do them ourselves.


During your first visit we will assess your condition and begin treatment. Services of Bernie Lalonde, MD. are covered by OHIP.


Services of Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists are covered by: Extended Health Coverage (government or private), Veterans Affairs*, Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance*.* Please check with your insurance provider as you may be entitled to coverage.

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