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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

SSIC specializes in treating the pain and repair of bodily injuries that have been incurred during sporting activity.


Whether it be highly strenuous sports like hockey or soccer that can cause traumatic injuries, or the repetitive strains due to tennis or golf, it is important that all conditions are treated properly to maximize the chances for full recovery.


Some of the more common type of sports injuries that we treat include:


  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation

  • Foot injuries, plantar fasciitis, and stress factures

  • Shin splints and ankle sprains

  • Knee injuries (including ACL/PCL and meniscal)

  • Thigh injuries

  • Hip and groin injuries

  • Neck and low back soft tissue injuries

  • Shoulder injuries, rotator cuff tears, and AC joint separation

  • Chest and abdominal soft tissue strains

  • Hand and wrist injuries


To begin the rehabilitation process... 


Either our sports medicine doctor at SSIC or one of our physiotherapists will first consult with each patient to assess their specific problem. From there, our professional physiotherapists and massage therapists create a treatment plan that is tailored to rehabilitate the patient in the safest and most effective way. 


Regardless of your sport, throughout the healing process SSIC will educate you on the appropriate exercises and drills that will help prevent a recurrence of your injury.


In an effort to help prevent sports injuries from occurring in the first place, we recommend that you follow the tips below as they will help you reduce your risk of injury:


  • Complete a thorough warm-up before any sports activity

  • Do stretching exercises daily, even when not participating in sports

  • Use appropriate protective equipment

  • Participate in conditioning programs to help build muscle strength

  • Ensure that you always wear correctly fitted shoes

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