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Post-Surgery Physiotherapy

At SSIC we understand that following a surgeon's post-surgery rehabilitation protocol is essential for complete healing.


Physiotherapy treatments are planned with the surgeon's protocol to help decrease stiffness and pain and return to full function. The ultimate goal is to return the patient to complete independence and to help them continue living a full and active lifestyle.


We treat a wide variety of post-operative conditions including:


  • Post-Surgery Physiotherapy

  • Back surgeries

  • Elbow, wrist, and shoulder surgeries (including rotator cuff repair)

  • Foot and ankle surgeries

  • Fractures

  • Hip and knee replacements

  • Knee arthroscopes


In addition to traditional physiotherapy treatments, we may also recommend some alternative recuperation techniques such as acupuncture or hydrotherapy. These techniques can be invaluable in reducing the pain and inflammation that patients may experience immediately after their surgery.


Depending on the surgery in question, we may also recommend pre-surgery physiotherapy sessions for the patient. This is usually recommended for those patients who are having elective back or shoulder repair surgery and joint replacements. By working with the muscles around the joint prior to the surgery, the patient increases their strength in that area of the body and this in turn decreases their post-surgery recovery time.

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